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The Language Hub NG offers specialized English, French, Mandarin, Yoruba and Igbo language classes for everyone. Our classes are tailored to fit your pace and lifestyle, so your learning is always fun, relaxed and truly immersive!


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Most frequent questions and answers

The beginners level is the basic level of language learning. This is where you learn to talk about yourself and your immediate environment, making common polite phrases and exchange of information.  To attain fluency, I would advise the intermediate level.

Why not! Language apps as well as online materials are very useful to learn a foreign language but are not the only resources needed. The place of a tutor is very important as the person serves as a guide to put you through. Consuming media as well in your target language is also important  that is, listening to music, radio, news in the language, watching tv series and films in the language. This also help listening and speaking skills

 Learning a language may takes time but how is relative and dependent on the individual’s level of determination and hours of practice put into learning the language and also the person’s cognitive abilities  to acquire language fast  .

Not exactly. It is time that learning another language influence a second language in terms of orthography and universal grammar that is features that are common to all languages of the world. Structure may differ as well even characters, letters but one thing we advise is to have a switch in your head where you can easily switch from one language to another easily

learning a foreign language at an early age comes with a lot of benefit. 

One, it makes your kid smarter. It  can help your child become a young polyglot. Your kid will become a global citizen and be able to communicate with the world all over. Learning a foreign language also helps your kid better understand their mother tongue. It also makes your a child a genius who can think in several language. It will also give your kids better insight into their own culture and those others.

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